BELMASH – MCS400 mobile chainsaw for Ytong and aerated concrete

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This mobile chainsaw from Belmash is designed for processing Ytong blocks, cellular and porous concrete. This machine is unique in its kind.
3HP induction motor – 410mm cutting height.


Main features

  • Unique in its kind
  • Operation with handy foot pedal
  • Compact, mobile and easy to transport
  • Can be used for all types of aerated concrete
  • Straight, diagonal or oblique
  • Edging blocks for a clean line
  • 230V, 3HP powerful induction motor
  • No carbon brushes
  • 40% less noise, 30% more power
  • Solid sheet steel tables 3.5mm thick
  • Drive by Poly-V belt


It cannot be denied that manual sawing of building blocks (Ytong) is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. It has been proven that it takes about 6 minutes to saw the standard block apart by hand. The truth is that such a cutting method is very expensive during a house building. Professionals in the construction industry who value the time have used band saws which are very difficult to transport, but also unstable on the construction site.

This mobile chainsaw from Belmash is designed for processing Ytong blocks, cellular and porous concrete. This machine is unique in its kind. Belmash is the first manufacturer to use a chainsaw in this type of machine. It is an excellent solution and you get a very precise cutting line, as opposed to sawing aerated concrete or Ytong blocks by hand. Much lighter than comparable products from other manufacturers, this Belmash compact chainsaw is easy to transport and highly mobile on the jobsite. Blocks can be cut straight, diagonally or at an angle. There is a special device for cutting edges with a clean finish and keeping its structure. The Belmash mobile chainsaw should definitely become your reliable assistant on the construction site. The machine will save a lot of labor and time.

The MCS-400 can cut both lengthwise and at an angle quickly, evenly and precisely. Ideal for site work, as the machine allows building blocks to be edged to make exterior walls look presentable. The Belmash mobile chainsaw is compact and easy to use. Equipped with a durable induction motor that does not require regular maintenance. Can be transported without much effort – can be easily loaded into a vehicle or small light cargo.

Additional information

Weight 85 kg
Dimensions 97.3 × 85.5 × 127 cm

3 HP


230 V

Cutting depth 90 °

410 mm

Cutting length

635 mm


Carbide teeth

Saw blade speed


Standard equipment

with bevel module, miter gauge



Belmash is a manufacturer of compact woodworking machines, mobile chainsaw and wood splitters with unparalleled quality at an affordable price. High-quality thick sheet steel, induction motors, industrial drive and ball bearing. Very handy in use with robust handles and with all the details for safety. Made in Europe.


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