OUTLET | Grabo Nemo battery-powered electric suction cup

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Discover the first battery-powered electric handheld vacuum suction unit that can suction virtually all types of materials, even those with texture, relief or unevenness.

The new PLUS version features a pressure gauge, allowing you to check the pressure at all times. You can easily create a handle on almost any surface with this cordless hand vac, with an impressive lifting capacity of up to 170 kg.

This is a revolutionary solution for professionals such as floor layers, tilers, movers, glaziers, interior designers, installers and many others. Easily lift materials such as glass, tiles, concrete, sandwich panels, wood, drywall, and more.

Discover the power and versatility of this electric vacuum cleaner now and experience a whole new way of lifting and working.


Product information

  • First battery-powered electric handheld vacuum suction.
  • Suitable for almost all types of materials, including textures and reliefs.
  • New PLUS version with pressure gauge for pressure control.
  • Maximum lifting capacity of 170 kg.
  • Ideal for professionals such as floor layers, tilers, glaziers, and more.
  • Lift materials such as glass, tiles, concrete, sandwich panels, wood, drywall, etc.
  • A revolutionary way of lifting and working.

The Nemo Grabo is a powerful electric vacuum pump that makes lifting and precise placement of tiles, hardwood and vinyl effortless. It is the ideal solution for covering floors and walls, as tiles need to be placed accurately and are difficult to handle without a handle. This handy tool minimises the risk of damage to expensive materials, increases efficiency and reduces physical strain.

For installing or removing windows and doors, a handle is of great convenience. The electric handheld vacuum can easily attach the handle to windows. Moreover, there is no need to pump again and again, as the Nemo Grabo continuously maintains vacuum. It makes installing glass in doors or windows much easier, as well as holding the door while installing it in the hinges.

Home decorators and interior designers can safely assemble and move beams, drywall and plywood using the Nemo Grabo. This cordless vacuum suction tool reduces the risk of damaging various materials and is a handy tool for professionals in these industries.

For movers, the Nemo Grabo is a valuable help when moving heavy appliances, cabinets and furniture. This makes moving heavy materials more efficient and ensures an ergonomic posture, reducing strain on the body.

Warehouse workers can also enjoy the benefits of the Nemo Grabo. This robust electric cordless hand vacuum reduces working pressure and the risk of injury or damage. Materials of any size, from large to small, can be safely and easily moved around the warehouse thanks to this handy tool.


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