PIHER – Maxipress F

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The Maxipress is a cast iron clamp with fully protected double screw thread. Maximum clamping force 900kg.

Available in different lengths



Main features

  • Ergonomic handle with 3D joint position
  • System with fully protected screw thread: Doubles both speed and pressure capacity thanks to the double thread with triangular teeth Completely straight upward movement without torsion More pressure and grip than a standard head, even during angled clamping Protection against external influences: pieces of concrete, steel splint, welding particles, etc.
  • Position system to prevent free fall of the claw
  • A recess is provided in the turning mechanism for greasing the screw
  • Round-shaped claws that allow to work around corners or protrusions
  • Ribbed fixed support for ideal grip of pipes, profiles etc.
  • Anti-slip stop system on the moving jaw
  • Extra resistant rolled steel bar (90kg / mm²)
  • Anti-rust treated


The Maxipress is a cast iron clamp with fully protected double screw thread, which protects it against external influences: pieces of concrete, steel splinter, welding particles, etc. The double thread multiplies both speed and pressure capacity. The double thread provides a completely straight upward movement without torsion. In the rotating system of the protected double screw thread, a recess is provided to grease the screw. The Maxipress has round-shaped claws that allow you to work around corners or protrusions. The Maxipress is an extra resistant rolled steel bar treated with anti-rust. This clamp has a cast iron basin coated with epoxy paint, as well as a positioning system to prevent free fall of the claw. The Maxipress is also equipped with an ergonomic handle with 3D joint position.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Clamping capacity

20cm, 30cm, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150cm

Clamping depth


Clamping force


Standard equipment

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Founded as a family company in 1957, the backbone of Piher’s business ever since has been the design and the manufacture of clamping tools. Our products are of high quality and are destined for the rigorous professional sector that demands both reliability and durability.

Our broad experience and continuous improvement in materials and production make our products a sure choice for demanding jobs.


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