Promopack BELMASH SDR-2200 Alu planer and thicknesser

1 .128,09 (excl. VAT)

1.851,30 1.364,99 (incl. VAT)

portable and compact planer / thicknesser
wheelbase PK1
74,38 (excl. VAT)
clamping device
The Belmash clamping devices provide increased safety when working with your thicknessing machine.
Air Flux AF 1100/45 + 2 metres clearview 100mm
Dust collector
Double Clamping band
3,50 (excl. VAT)

Promo pack Alu planer and thicknesser BELMASH SDR-2200

270mm planing width, 120mm thicknessing BELMASH SDR-2200 features a powerful 3HP induction motor


Product information

  • Promo pack


Promp pack for the compact multifunctionalplaner and thicknesser SRD-2200, composed of: multi adaptor 3DU1004, dust collector Air Flux 1100 with 2-metre clearview 100mm, mobile wheelbase PK1 and presser TR270. Machine features a powerful induction motor, suitable for any workplace. This portable and compact planer / thicknesser 230V is unique on the market.

Additional information

Weight 105 kg

Standard equipment

SDR-2200, wheelbase PK1, presser TD270, Air Flux 1100/45, 2 Metre Clearview 100mm, Clamping straps 2x, Multi adaptor 3DU1004


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