Promopack SDM-2000 saw and planer

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SDM2000 saw and planer
Compact and portable multifunction saw and planer
Air Flux AF 1100/45 dust collector + 2 meter Clearview 100mm
Dust extraction
74,38 (excl. VAT)

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Multi adaptor
Four part reducer up to diameter 100mm to be used with the different models of Air Flux Dust extractors.
Double Clamping band
3,50 (excl. VAT)
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Promopack SDM-2000 saw and planer

Cutting height 85 MM, Planing width 230 MM equipped with induction motor 2.6 HP

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Product information

  • Composed promotional package


Promotional package for the compact multifunction saw and planer SDM2000, composed of: router table RT25, multi adaptor 3DU1004, dust collector Air Flux 1100 with 2-metre clearview 100mm, mobile wheelbase PK2 and clamping device TD230. Machine features a powerful induction motor, suitable for any workplace. Compact portable saw table is available with a 230V motor and delivers 2.7HP for 40% less noise, 30% more power.

Additional information

Weight 92 kg

Standard equipment

SDM-2000, Wheelbase PK2, clamp TD230, routing table RT25, Air Flux AF 1100/45, 2 Metre Clearview 100mm, clamping straps, Multi adaptor 3DU1004


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