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Why choose for Berger Bau® construction saw machines?

The 100% closing metal protective hood with fixed extraction nozzle for dust collection is unique and gives a very clear view or insight into the workpiece due to the milled grooves, which also ensure the correct incidence of light. Thanks to the aluminum inserts, there is a smooth running of the automatic lifting of the dusthood while maintaining the correct chip evacuation. The lifespan is also an enormous added value compared to all PVC covers, which are often damaged quickly or allow poor light to pass through due to the discoloration of the plexiglass.

The completely closed bottom frame is equipped with a large outlet for dust extraction. All cables are 100% hidden. This unique operation is also fully integrated; this prevents contamination or stiffness of the height control and ensures permanent smooth operation.

Adjustable cutting height at H-450KBS. Cutting depth adjustable from 0-140 mm by means of robust hand wheel and a scissor lift system and therefore no load on a single axle. The completely closed bottom frame is equipped with a large outlet for dust extraction. All Berger Bau machines are driven by a very powerful mechanically braked induction motor of 7.5 HP.

The rip fence with parallel stop is provided with a precision size indication and quick clamping system. This means you don’t have to screw on a lever to block the rip fence and damage your table. The quick-clamping system is therefore fast in use with a single movement downwards. The blocking mechanism is therefore made of one piece and cannot get lost or vibrate loose on the construction site or during transport.

The installed miter gauge has fixed miter points and a quick clamp for tightening and loosening instead of a classic screw knob. Here too, turning screws on classic machines are quickly lost due to the vibration and they always cause damage to the metal when clamped. The quick clamp screw and the fixed set points for each miter is also always a huge time saver and pure user comfort.

Due to the complete housing, there is no loose wiring and everything is neatly integrated. Too often there is damage to the cables and switches on site or during transport, which means that the machines are put out of operation. All parts are also better protected against dirt and transport damage.

The Berger Bau construction saws are all equipped (optional) with very large wheels for easy transport. The large diameter of these robust wheels makes the machines easier to move around the yard. The plastic wheels made of polypropylene are made of a thermoplastic. They are impact resistant, non-marking, and have a high fracture resistance.

View the Berger Bau® sawing machines here.

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