Panel Saw ITAMAC Maestro X7 3200mm

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Panel saws for the professional: spacious roller table, start/stop system in sliding system, optimum ease of use. Wide tables for precision on large panels. Powerful motors, poly-belt drive. Foldaway Orca-S19 protective cover adjustable by gas spring. Digital readout of both the rip fence and saw blade tilt. Available in 3 x 400V or 3 x 230V.

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Product information

  • Low-maintenance double sliding – 375 mm wide
  • Built-in start/stop system in the sliding system for time-saving and ease of use
  • Solid tables on the back and right side
  • Precision ground cast iron work tables
  • Powerful 5.5 HP and 3/4 HP TEFC induction motors
  • Heavy-duty dovetail suspension SE70XL
  • Industrial high-performance belt drive with poly-belt
  • Overarm dust extractor Orca-S19
  • Digital readout of the rip fence
  • Digital readout of the inclined saw blade (45°)
  • Additional integrated analogue readout in handwheel (45°)

The Itamac Maestro panel saws are the ultimate choice for professional woodworkers. With their advanced features and reliable performance, they deliver excellent cutting results and maximise productivity.

Equipped with a spacious anodised aluminium roller table on double wear-resistant bar guides, Itamac Maestro panel saws provide a stable and durable cutting environment. The roller table is equipped with replaceable rollers, making maintenance easy and extending its life.

With the built-in start/stop system, integrated into the slide system, you no longer have to bend down under your workpiece to switch the saw on or off. This ensures ultimate user comfort and saves precious time during work.

Maestro panel saws offer a spacious work surface thanks to the wide tables at the front and back. This increases precision when machining panels and enables effortless processing of large pieces of material.

With powerful motors powered by industrial poly-belts, Itamac Maestro panel saws deliver reliable performance and enable trouble-free cuts through a variety of materials. The motors are mounted in a sturdy dovetail housing, which minimises vibration and provides extra stability during sawing.

The floating Orca-S19 protective hood, with a convenient fold-away function and a gas spring for quick height adjustment, ensures optimum safety and efficient dust extraction during work.

Moreover, Itamac Maestro panel saws are available with a digital or CNC-controlled rip fence. This advanced feature allows automatic adjustment of the width guide from the user-friendly control panel at the top of the saw, ensuring precise and quick adjustments.

With the Itamac Maestro panel saws, you get a high-quality sawing solution that meets the requirements of professional woodworkers. These saws offer reliability, precision and ease of use, allowing you to work efficiently and with confidence.


This panel saw is equipped with a spacious anodised aluminium roller table on double wear-resistant bar guide, fitted with replaceable rollers. The built-in start/stop system is located in the sliding system (roller table), so you don't have to bend down under your workpiece to switch the saw on or off, ensuring optimum ease of use and huge time savings. Thanks to the wide tables at the front and back, there is a spacious working surface that ensures more precision when machining panels. For optimum safety and dust extraction, the overarm dust hood mechanically adjusts to the height of the workpiece. The arm can also be easily swivelled away. Moreover, the dust hood is equipped with a gas spring for quick height adjustment. The aluminium sliding system is fully anodised, providing strength and protection against rust. The heavy-duty dovetail suspension SE70XL, made of a single cast iron piece, absorbs vibrations, offering even more precision and stability. The well-considered design ensures optimum dust extraction. The panel saw is powered by powerful induction motors, with the two separate motors powered by industrial poly-belts. This guarantees a reliable and powerful belt drive. This panel saw offers not only excellent performance, but also smooth movement and reliability. It is available in three-phase 400V or three-phase 230V.

Additional information

Weight 700 kg

230 V, 3 x 230V, 3 x 400V


4 HP, 5.5 HP

Diameter sawblade

300mm, 315mm

Shaft diameter

30 mm

Cutting depth 90 °

102 mm

Cutting depth 45°

76 mm

Saw blade speed


Scorer diameter

120 mm

Scorer arbor

20 mm

Scorer speed

8000 RPM

Sliding system

3200 mm x 375 mm

Max. cutting length

3200 mm

Dust collection port

100 mm



Working height


Max. width right saw blade

1300 mm

Cast iron work table

535 mm x 800 mm

Right table

800 mm x 820 mm

Rear table

535 mm x 435 mm

Min. needed space

3350 mm x 6800 mm

Standard equipment

Excluding saw blades, transport and installation

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